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If you have felt sexually or creatively blocked, it may be because your emotions are unbalanced or simply because you don't have the time to focus on yourself and your own needs.

Yoni massage is an ancient technique that provides a solution to these current paradigms. It allows exploring the body in a more sensual way and proves to be very healing for those who have experienced sexual traumas in the past. The focus and technique are centered on surrender, making the woman feel loved, appreciated, adored, and honored.

"...she offers herself coyly when pampered; she closes herself off vehemently when offended;

she is my accomplice, my friend,

an eternal smile of a contented woman."

"Frequently Asked Questions?

According to the Tantric tradition, Yoni Massage is a form of sensual massage, a ritual of erotic connectivity between a man and a woman, two women, or even a woman alone, focusing on a deep massage of sensitive areas such as the vagina, vulva, breasts, and stomach, known as the Yoni area.

The idea of a Yoni massage is to release mental and physical tensions in women, helping them experience pleasure through gentle but enchanting Tantric touches. This type of massage helps women explore, understand, and become comfortable with their bodies just as they are. As a result, they gain a better understanding of what brings them pleasure.

It is also very helpful for individuals who are not satisfied after a single orgasm, as this technique allows for multiple orgasms. It is especially beneficial for women with vaginas who have never experienced an orgasm. However, that is not the primary goal of Yoni massage, as the main intention is to emotionally explore the body to reach a place of calm and comfort. It means focusing on the here and now, on the various sensations in the body, and on how it feels when energy flows between different parts.

Yoni Massage can be done alone, with a partner, or with the assistance of a professional. When done as a couple, it can help create intimacy and trust between the partners. When done alone, it can be a patient practice in which a woman completely focuses on herself, without any pressure to perform for someone else.

Therefore, Yoni massage can be a way to explore your body in your own time and space, seeking both soulful peace and pleasure, if desired.

On this page, I describe the techniques I apply in my practice to perform this beautiful sensual 'art-therapy'.

Benefits of Yoni Massage

In addition to pleasure and relaxation, there are other physical and mental health benefits that you can obtain from this type of massage. I will describe some of them below.

1. Supports mental healing

Yoni Massage is excellent for the process of mental healing. It can help people with sexual traumas to heal. There can be a lot of negative emotions associated with our genitals, including shame and sexual trauma issues. Learning to touch and be touched in the Yoni area can release many of these emotional connections and reprogram them into a positive and pleasurable sensation.

2. It makes you more connected to your body.

In a world where we tend to live a lot in our heads, Yoni massages can help you become more in tune with your body. It can help you enter a very grounded and embodied space to truly tune into yourself and the needs and desires of your Yoni. It helps you unlock the channels that prevent you from tapping into your sensual side. Whether you are sexually repressed or believe that something is not working in your body, a Yoni massage can bring you a sense of peace and allow you to discover sensations that you may have never experienced down there.

3. Enhances sexual relationships.

Yoni massage can help unlock your fear of intimacy and touch if that's holding you back. Having unsatisfying sexual experiences can decrease sexual drive. Furthermore, if you experience pain and stress during intercourse, your body tends to tense up. Along with a tense body, you may also experience vaginal dryness and a low libido, putting your intimate area and sexual impulses on 'pause' mode.

This is why Yoni massage is recommended for women with sexual traumas or unpleasant sexual experiences. It helps rekindle that sexual spark as you perform the gentle and delicate massage movements with your own hands or from the person providing it to you. It helps release negative thoughts and memories you may have from previous experiences. With regular massage sessions, you'll soon find yourself craving those sensual caresses once more.

4. Reduces painful menstrual cycles

Stimulating the vagina can help alleviate pain as it promotes blood flow in the genital area. Yoni massages are a great way to relieve pain in the intimate area. They help relax the vagina during the menstrual cycle. Receiving a Yoni massage can help 'awaken' the vagina, making it more relaxed and sensitive for what is to come.

5. It allows you to achieve better orgasms

While reaching orgasm is not the primary goal of Yoni massage, the practice can help you have better and more intense orgasms with regular exploration. This is because Yoni massage, especially if you do it yourself, will help you gain a deep understanding of how you want to touch and pleasure your body. Massaging your intimate area also releases tension in your body, making it more responsive to sexual stimulation.

6. It enhances confidence in your body

If you have self-esteem issues, intimacy issues, or a fear of being naked, experimenting with Yoni massage can help.

By fully understanding your sensual side and how your body works, you will gain more confidence in intimacy. Since negative thoughts are now released and blocked from your mind, you will be more engaged in sexual activity and more committed to either the sexual encounter or during solo play.

7. Attain a greater sense of yourself

Yoni stimulation techniques can help you achieve a greater connection with your mind, body, and soul. That's why Yoni massage is so closely linked to Tantra and the ancient methodology that accompanies it. By searching within ourselves, we can unlock our potential to connect on a much higher spiritual level with others.

Who should get a Yoni massage?

It is possible to release any emotion that may be 'stuck' in your vaginal muscles by experiencing different sensations during a Yoni massage. Yoni massage is a wonderful practice for anyone who:

  • Experiences uncomfortable pelvic tension
  • Suffers from chronic pelvic pain
  • Has never achieved an orgasm or has difficulty reaching it.
  • Desires to achieve multiple orgasms
  • Has experienced sexual trauma in the past and wants to work on healing
  • Wants to learn concentration and focus techniques.
  • Wants to connect with themselves or with their partner

How do I perform the Yoni massage

Now that you've learned the various benefits of Yoni massage, I hope you can give it a try. Here, I'll explain the basic steps I follow when performing it:

1. I set up the environment for the Yoni massage and prepare the essentials

Before the Yoni massage itself is performed and any intimate contact takes place, it is important to establish a cozy environment to prepare your mind and body, fully relax, and release stress.

I prepare the space

I choose to perform the Yoni massage on the floor, with space to move and no limitations. I use cushions or surfaces that will allow you to receive the massage comfortably.

I prepare the objects

I lay out everything I need for the massage session within reach, such as extra towels, tissues, wet wipes, massage oil, and lubricating gel. This way, everything will be in the area, and I won't have to search for the needed items later, disrupting the atmosphere that is created.

I create the right atmosphere

"I recommend dimming the lights a bit or using a scented candle to stimulate the senses and create a wonderful candlelit effect. Music is an essential element that allows me to create an energetic or sensual atmosphere. Creating a special ambiance is not only important but also stimulates the senses.

I prepare your mind

The traditional Yoni massage is a spiritual practice, so preparing the mind through meditative breathing exercises will enhance your experience. I usually take 5 minutes and suggest closing your eyes and meditating a bit. The goal of this is to clear your mind of any worries or stress before starting, so you can have a wonderfully peaceful experience, free from anxieties or other thoughts. It's essential to stay well-hydrated at all times.

I guarantee complete privacy

To eliminate any potential distractions, I ensure that the space is not only quiet but also private, with no disruptive noises during the session. Therefore, I encourage you to put your mobile devices on silent mode.

2. Focusing on your breath

Breathwork is fundamental in the art of Tantra and authentic yoni massage. It can help you release mental and physical tension completely and freely. It can also help you connect better with yourself. This will tremendously enhance your yoni massage experience and allow you to reap all the spiritual and therapeutic benefits, so it should not be overlooked.

  • I often suggest yoni breathing exercises designed to draw blood to the vagina. It's important to maintain your breath throughout the entire yoni massage. However, if you know of a specific breathing technique that works better for you, you can give it a try.

This is done to help you connect with the Earth and be aware of what is happening in your body. The purpose of a yoni massage is to feel the energy of each sensation as it encompasses your body. Your mind should be focused on this moment, in this space where you inhabit this body. Therefore, you need to ground yourself using breathing techniques to make the most of all the benefits of the yoni massage.

3. Starting slowly and building up warmth

Instead of directly targeting the vaginal area as a form of warming up, it's more appropriate to start with gentle and focused massage on the upper body and breasts. Remember that women usually take a bit longer to become aroused than men, so the goal is to increase arousal slowly. You should also aim to awaken the body's energy and promote blood flow.

Massaging the abdominal area is a good way to begin since this region has many nerve endings. Gently massage the belly with a bit of oil, slowly caressing the chest, ribcage, lower abdomen, and between the breasts. This entire area is often overlooked during conventional lovemaking, but it can be very effective in igniting arousal.

When it's evident that the body is starting to warm up, you can give more attention to the breasts and nipples. However, before touching the nipples, start with soft caresses on the breasts and then move on to playing with the areola. You'll feel your body responding to this, so now the nipples can receive some gentle loving with soft pinches and circular motions. It's essential not to overdo it and to vary the strength of your touches.

4. Moving to the vulva

Once the body has been warmed up with breast massage and nipple stimulation, it's time to move on to the vulva and begin the main Yoni massage techniques.

Start by applying the clitoral tapping technique, gently tapping on the clitoris, varying the rhythm to see how the body responds best. Continue with massaging the outer and inner labia before gradually moving into the vagina. In terms of the speed and pressure of the massage, begin with slow and gentle movements, then gradually transition to faster and deeper motions. You can also explore various Yoni massage techniques to intensify the experience.

5. Reaching release and relaxation

I usually continue the yoni massage until you reach a sweet and relieving release. Remember that the goal of the yoni massage is not the orgasm itself, so you can choose to skip this step if you don't feel comfortable. However, if you want to try it, edging can be a great way to connect emotional and sensual pleasure.

All you have to do is pull back just when you're on the edge of orgasm, without allowing yourself to explode. When you're about to reach that peak, I'll slow down and lighten the strokes. During these cooling periods, you'll place a hand over your heart and breathe slowly and deeply, feeling the gentle energy buzzing under your skin.

Then, when you feel ready, start to intensify the orgasm. You can choose to let go this time or repeat the process over and over until the pleasure is at its peak. Prolonging the orgasm will lead you to a state of constant and continuous waves of sensations until you decide to burst and reach a new level of satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Yoni Massage safe?

Many gynecologists agree with this practice. Although it may seem like foreplay, any gentle touch in the vagina can help you become aroused faster after the session and relieve vaginal dryness the next time you have sexual intercourse, says Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Yale School of Medicine.

What should be avoided during yoni massage: steam and herbs. Minkin says that any steam near the vaginal area is quite dangerous, and the less the vagina is irritated, the better.

It is also important to maintain hygiene rules, such as clean hands, water-based lubricants, etc.

Q: What is the difference between masturbation and yoni massage?

It's about the intention of the activity. Finger masturbation or female masturbation is often done to feel pleasurable sensations and reach orgasm as quickly as possible. On the other hand, yoni massage relaxes the vulva and vagina and helps you unleash your sensual side. It aims to release emotional or mental blocks that prevent you from enjoying pleasure.

It's also different from masturbation in terms of duration, as most self-pleasure sessions last 5-20 minutes. In contrast, a yoni massage lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the recipient and the therapist.

Q: Can women who have never experienced vaginal penetration try yoni massage?

Yes, women with no experience in vaginal sex can safely engage in this activity. Most yoni massage methods are performed externally, so if you're not comfortable with internal finger penetration, you can request to skip those vaginal stimulation techniques and focus on vulva massage.

Q: Will yoni massage improve my sex life?

Yoni massage is a great way to help improve your sex life. By stimulating your vulva and vagina, you'll learn what feels good to you and can share that with a partner if you choose to.

Q: Will yoni massage make me have an orgasm?

Yoni massage can be extremely pleasurable, exciting, and lead to orgasm (or even multiple orgasms). However, orgasm is more of a side benefit of this practice, not the primary goal. If you reach climax or have multiple orgasms, that's wonderful! But the foundation of yoni massage is more emotional than sexual.

Q: What if I don't achieve an orgasm?

The focus of yoni massage is not the orgasm. So, you don't have to worry about performing in that way. Do what makes you feel good and direct the energy in a useful manner. While receiving the massage from the therapist, try to relax and enjoy it. And if you have an orgasm, congratulations!

Q: What kind of oil should be used for a yoni massage?

Coconut oil, grape seed oil, peach oil, and sweet almond oil are some of the recommended oils for yoni tantric massage. However, you can also use any natural seed or nut oil. Each oil has its own qualities and benefits. It's best to avoid synthetic or petroleum-based oils, such as mineral oil. Very sensitive individuals can use a water-based lubricant. You can also bring your own gel or oil if you feel more comfortable with it.

Q: Is there sexual intercourse in tantric massage and yoni massage?

In tantric massage, spiritual connection and sensuality intertwine. There is no obligation for sexual intercourse (penetration), as it depends on the practitioner woman's desire. If it arises, it is approached with delicacy, respecting the Sacred Sexual Union to share energy intimately and meaningfully through the Lingam (male sexual organ).

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