Accompanying you in your transformation processes

Everything is in permanent change. The only thing that remains unchanged is the change itself. Whether in your personal life, in business, in your relationships, in your searches, in your projects, it is good to have motivations in order to work with your own energy and develop your potential much more.

That's my mission as a Life & Business Coach: Going along with you and providing the tools you need to reach your goals, and from here on you will know how.


I accompany you in your transformation processes

Everything is in constant change. The only thing that remains unchanged is change itself. Whether in your personal life, in business, in your relationships, in your pursuits, in your projects, it's good to have stimuli, to be able to work with your own energy, and to develop your potential even further

That is my mission as a Life, Sex & Business Coach: To accompany you and provide you with tools to help you achieve your goals, and from here, you will be able to understand how.


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I provide you with support to face the challenges

Hi! It's a pleasure to greet you. I'm Fernando Far, and I work as a "Life, Sex & Business Coach," assisting both individuals and organizations in their processes of change and transformation. This is achieved through sessions (individual or group, in-person or virtual), talks, workshops, and experiential journeys where the aim is for us to work together in the field or theme you wish to explore.

We will work extensively with words to help transform your role as an observer. Additionally, we will employ various holistic techniques and body expression methods, such as meditation, relaxation, breathing exercises, I Ching, Tai Chi, mindful movement, and other unconventional approaches, to facilitate unblocking and make everything more fluid and natural.


I like to characterize myself as a 'global entrepreneur,' a curious individual, a provocateur, and a creative thinker.

I hope we can establish contact soon!

The Coach

What does a Coach provide you? A coach establishes an ongoing professional relationship with you, offering assistance in achieving extraordinary results in your personal life, relationships, profession, business, or company. In this way, you will deepen your knowledge, enhance your performance, and improve your quality of life.

In each session, you will choose the topic to discuss, and the coach will propose various ways to approach them to progress towards your goals, bringing focus and awareness to the possibilities of choice.

The Coach establishes a synergistic relationship with the client to harness their maximum potential. Many of today's most successful business leaders, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs use the services of a 'Coach' to take their lives, careers, or businesses to the next level.

"Partly consultants, partly motivational speakers, partly therapists and even rented friends, Life Coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs and ordinary people helping them to define and achieve their goals, both in their personal and professional life or both."

My Personal Journey

I invite you to discover 'My Extraordinary Future', a statement of my future based on how I build my present

Life Coaching

What does Life Coaching aim to achieve? It seeks to create a relationship with individuals so that through an inspiring and creative process, it helps them maximize their potential and empowers them to take action towards personal and professional fulfillment by setting specific goals

We are like the clay that a craftsman molds... and gradually transforms, as life unfolds, into various pieces.

We are destined for processes of personal change and transformation that will lead us towards the next step. This continuous process is what allows our life to unfold, and we learn how to live it from different perspectives. Life Coaching is designed to facilitate the establishment of a new form of communication, primarily with oneself, and then with everything that surrounds us, to fully enjoy life, which is ultimately what we deserve.



“Nada es estático, todo es dinámico, todo cambia. Todo esta apareciendo y desapareciendo. Solo vas a experimentar el cambio"

The Coaching Process

These are the steps we will follow when we work together in a Coaching process.


Various proposals for your specific growth and transformation needs


Both in-person and remote, in these encounters, we will journey together towards your transformations.

Business Coach

I work with teams, entrepreneurs, and businesses to achieve better results.


Diverse topics that will help us grow in knowledge and experiences.

Experiential Travels

We travel to different places to discover ourselves as well.


Different proposals for your particular need for growth and transformation