If we live in the present with the heavy emotion of the past, we will create a highly predictable future that is just as heavy as the present, merely infected with the memories of yesterday.

Where I see myself?

I envision myself collaborating on dynamic and interactive projects, catalyzing awakenings of consciousness alongside great spiritual leaders, mindfulness facilitators, awakened musicians and passionate artists, conscious entrepreneurs, men and women eager to conduct healthy businesses. Their goal is to reach critical mass and elevate global awareness, setting an example of light.

I see myself as a leader and co-leader of spiritual retreats in marvelous places where soulful music is danced, and there's freedom of expression in all aspects (emotional, physical, spiritual, verbal). These retreats lead to total integration of being in light. There will be an immersion of interactive games for the spirit and great enjoyment for the body through music and the science behind ancient knowledge. I envision leading a space of complete relaxation where the creative inner child feels accepted, celebrated, embraced, and attended to. A space where the inner God reveals itself in every smile.

I see myself having VIP clients, some of whom I even visit in their homes because they consider me a friend and an inspiration. We might spend a weekend together by a lake, designing routines and rituals that ignite their daily life, identifying what stimulates and nourishes them the most, and how to incorporate more high emotions into their day.

I see myself addressing women who wish to awaken, like an Abraham-Hicks or Teal Swan model, and bringing those who resonate with me out of the audience. I'll sit them on a comfortable couch and have discussions to decode them on the spot through their questions and experiences.

I see myself addressing men who wish to awaken, much like Tony Robbins or David Deida. I will help them learn the 'love language' of their women and connect more with their vulnerability through emotional intelligence. I'll teach them to awaken the gentle feminine to balance their logical and structured masculinity. Thus, they will awaken their women with their seductive depth and elegant virility in life.

I see myself traveling the world, transforming hearts with my addiction to the joy of evolving with every blink and breath. I see myself teaching through the example of my life that chosen happiness is the conviction to memorize and imprint in every cell of our body.

I see myself financially free, with consistent income coming from exchanging the value of my zest for life through daily connection with universal intelligence.

I see myself with wonderful women who are one with their inner Goddess and enjoy my crazy and fun smile.

I see myself improvising with musicians, dancing to live music, creating music with my movements and instrumental gifts. I see myself teaching alongside them the importance of jamming and improvisation to enhance intuition and understanding of the emotions that flow from the soul.

I see myself as the creator, partner, and leader of creative digital marketing agencies. These agencies generate various businesses that provide passive income and operate independently of my services as a consultant or director. I see them successful and envision a team that maintains a transparent philosophy and my partners as conscious and epic beings.

And I don't see myself having any other life than a Sexy Life.

Note: I invite you to use this template and adapt it to your own life, turning it into a true statement of principles that you can always refer to whenever you want to remember your 'deep purpose.' If you wish to share it with me, you can send me an email at: Thank you!


Life & Business Coach - Managing director in Latinmanagers

What are


greatest talents?

  • My ease to give smiles.
  • My ease to make others feel comfortable in their own skin.
  • My ease to celebrate life.
  • My ease of spreading joy.
  • My ease to be interested in the history of the other.
  • My freedom to give love.
  • My spontaneity and creativity.
  • My desire to express myself freely even with my body movements while I speak without being afraid.
  • My arduous desire and priority to return to my being to constantly feel the connection with the sacred who I really am.


"Consistency is the key to successfully reaching any goal we set for ourselves. In a liquid era, where everything is expected yesterday, just like the results, it's easy to overlook that achieving true and lasting success requires sustained effort and consistency."

Fernando Far

Stockholm, Sweden. The city where I lived and worked.