Exchange of Knowledge

By sharing, we evolve

Several years ago, I began conducting in-person training activities through courses, workshops, and talks in various institutions such as universities, companies, NGOs, and independently, as well as in online formats.

The workshops I develop are designed to complement my comprehensive coaching process and cater to various audiences and topics. These activities often foster a participatory environment, and the experience is always enriching for everyone involved.

I invite you to discover the upcoming workshops and training sessions and encourage you to reach out to me through the form so we can discuss further.

Some of the institutions where I have provided courses and talks.

The methodology of my workshops

Through these simple principles, we lay the foundation for something truly valuable: Your decision to take action. What we aim to provide is a catalyst for action that will ultimately assist you in building the extraordinary life you deserve.


Knowledge is not one-sided. It's a two-way experience. It involves both giving and receiving, acts of generosity in which we create synergy and positive feedback within the group, which contributes to the growth of everyone. Everyone who attends an event should leave with the necessary tools to transform themselves and achieve a better quality of life.


Workshops and talks should serve as triggers for internal processes in those who attend. The group's energy should be elevated, and inspiration will gradually awaken as the interaction between the facilitator and the audience unfolds. With inspiration, creativity will start to flourish without any limiting ceiling. Attending my workshops will awaken new emotions in you, give you courage, motivation, and make you feel the presence of your inner strength.


I propose that my activities include experiential moments through various dynamics that not only keep the attention alive but also, through psycho-physical experiences, enable greater receptivity and retention of what is being shared. Don't be surprised if, during my workshops, I invite you to meditate or to shout until you're out of breath! I hope you'll be open to it.


Each workshop, each meeting, each activity is uncharted territory that allows all of us (facilitator and audience) to explore new techniques, new emotions, and, whenever you feel like it, to open up to discovering the unfamiliar without any constraints. In my training programs, I aim for you to discover the power of what you haven't yet known about yourself.


4 Meetings for Entrepreneurs

These 4 meetings are intended to release your creative ability and give you some tools to lead your venture in an alternative and powerful way. A space to share experiences and enhance our creative capacity.

Reconnecting with your Female Energy

A Experiential Workshop designed to achieve well-being, inner balance and reconnection with your true “essential being”, that feminine spirit that always is present and connects with your true power.

Conscious Leadership Development

Being a leader today means connecting the empirical reality of the company with the skills of spiritual self-control. A different approach on how to be a guide committed to change and evolution.

Sexual Energy activates your Purposes

Transform your infinite source of energy to achieve powerful results. Connect with the vital energy and learn how to focus it on your personal, emotional and professional life. The most powerful energy in the Universe resides in us and we can discover how to use it!