What Are Tantric Massages

To explain my vision of Tantric massage, I will begin by stating what Tantric massage IS NOT and address one of the most frequently asked questions in my practice: "Is Tantric massage an erotic massage?" And the answer is: "No. Tantric Massage is not an erotic massage." Because if we say that in erotic massage, the goal is pleasure and achieving orgasm, in Tantric massage, the goal (if there is a goal) would be the expansion of consciousness. However, the truth is that it can indeed be very erotic.

On the other hand, while in erotic massage, the intention is to "arouse," in Tantric massage, there is no intention, not even an intention. Touch in Tantric massage is devoid of intention. Finally, whereas in erotic massage, the attitude is sexual, in Tantric massage, the attitude is sensual and loving, as one acts as a channel of unconditional love, acceptance of what is and what exists, devotion, and honoring the person in front of us. But there is no doubt that sexual energy flows.

Another frequently asked question about Tantric massages is whether they aim to induce orgasm. Tantric massage generates pleasure, and while this can lead to orgasm, it is not its primary purpose. However, it is also true that it maintains a close relationship with the sexual organs.


What are the benefits?

  • It helps maintain mental and physical balance.
  • Tantric massage is more than an erotic practice. It is actually a comprehensive relaxation technique that helps find physical and mental balance through deep work with sexual energy.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Different practices in this massage through touch are aimed at promoting a state of calm.
  • Full awareness of our body and bodily sensations.
  • Promotes a good mood.
  • Improves the breathing process.
  • Throughout the massage, breathing is essential, carried out from the diaphragm, to release anxiety and achieve balance, making pleasure more efficient and intensified.
  • Fosters a physical and emotional relationship, with oneself and with others.
  • If the recipient is a woman, her Yoni (female sexual organ) should be stimulated through Yoni Massage.
  • If the recipient is a man, his Lingam (male sexual organ) should be stimulated through Lingam Massage.

What can you expect as a woman from a Tantra Massage?



As a woman, you will find an opening to wholeness. An encounter with your ability to experience the joy and bliss that reside in your sexuality. A use of your creative and orgasmic energy in a positive way and a revelation of the creative power that resides in every woman. Tantra envisions the woman as divine energy. And the man as an admirer of femininity. As a guide in tantric massage, my role is to venerate your presence as a woman and honor your body and your being through the practice, as a channel of healing and transformation.

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What are Tantric Massages for me
  • A beautiful opportunity to infuse soul, color, and life into all your relationships, especially the internal and most important ones.
  • A conscious, deep touch with complete presence.
  • Or simply, connecting fully with the pleasure of feeling with all your senses.
  • A dance caressing your soul.
  • The gateway to healing your body, mind, and soul.

How do I offer Tantric Massages
  • I want to tell you that the primary goal of the Tantric massage I offer is the reactivation of energy through bodily stimulation, in addition to physical and mental relaxation.
  • Tantric massage is given and received fully naked. In case the practitioner prefers the guide not to be naked, they only need to mention it. To access nudity, especially the first few times, I propose doing it through a careful, natural, and harmonious process that I call 'Hug Therapy.'
  • Tantric massage is given and received with the entire body. The practitioner chooses which part of that whole they want to receive and from which part of the guide's whole they want to receive. The therapist must literally read the practitioner's body.
  • It is divided into two phases. The first is an 'energetic massage' (which can be compared to Reiki) that is applied to the entire body, both front and back, without using hands, but rather passing energy.
  • After it is completed, the contact massage (sensitive, Kashmiri) is carried out on the whole body using aromatic oil. This also includes the 'Yoni Massage' on breasts and Yoni (vulva), both superficial and deep. The practitioner can express what she wishes to receive at all times, both verbally and through body language.
  • The approximate duration (as it is not timed) of a complete session can range from 2 to 3 hours and may include meditation.
  • I exclusively offer these massages at La Casa 24. Please inquire about specific cases for home sessions.

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